Let's work together to make something beautiful.  

It is my passion to create.  I do it mostly to stave off stress and anxiety, but in this past year I discovered the consuming beauty that it is to work with someone who wants to make something special for self or someone whom they love.  I've been so blessed to see the tender feelings shared between friends, to facilitate expressions of deep gratitude, to honor someone who has touched a heart or made a lasting impression.
I think we can all agree that this past year has been bullshit.  No one weathered these past months without cuts and bruises, and we all have scars to show for the struggle thus far.  We have seen that a steady diet of fear and anxiety feeds what were only fledgling feelings of division and resentment into strong and powerful emotions with the singular intent of driving us farther apart, making it hard to see the light that still shines in the corners.  We are better together, and when together is not physically safe or practical, we have the opportunity and obligation to knit our hearts together in unity.  May God grant us the mercy, blessings and energy to keep that our primary goal...for all of our sakes.  Together looks so good on us.  It always has, and always will.

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